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Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputee receiving physical therapyLOLS10在线直播下注Gwinnett SportsRehab knows recovering from an amputation takes time and hard work. It also requires both physical and emotional support. We’ve designed our amputee rehabilitation program to help all patients—from new prosthetic wearers to experienced prosthetic users.

We specialize in treating people in metro Atlanta who have had lower extremity amputations caused by vascular disease; diabetes amputations; or amputations resulting from trauma, tumors or congenital conditions.

Goals of amputee rehab:

  • To assist patients in returning to a safe, productive life
  • To achieve the highest level of function

Physical therapists and prosthetists working together

Our amputee rehabilitation program’s specialty trained physical therapists will develop a comprehensive plan of care just for you. We want to ensure that we meet your needs and help you achieve your fullest potential. Your physical therapist will also work closely with the prosthetist to provide a team approach to treatment.

Amputee rehabilitation includes:

  • Balance, coordination, endurance and agility exercises
  • Bed mobility/transfer training
  • Education on use and care of the prosthesis
  • Education regarding residual limb care
  • LOLS10在线直播下注 exercise programs
  • Progression toward recreational activities
  • Prosthetic gait training
  • Resource information about support groups and recreational organizations
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises including aquatic therapy

Important: Amputee rehabilitation requires a physician referral. These referrals may come from the surgeon who performed the amputation or a primary care physician.

For more information about the amputee rehabilitation program at Gwinnett SportsRehab, call 678-312-2803.