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Incontinence Care

Bladder and bowel control problems include a range of embarrassing and potentially debilitating health issues. Urinary urge incontinence and urgency-frequency, both symptoms of overactive bladder, are pervasive medical conditions that can have negative social, sexual, interpersonal and professional consequences. Bowel incontinence is another devastating, socially isolating problem for which people are often reluctant to seek medical attention.

While it is common for people to delay seeking help for bladder and bowel control problems, they are highly treatable.

Bladder Incontinence Procedures

  • Conservative
  • Collagen Injections
  • Neuromodulation Therapy (InterStim®)
  • Sling

Bowel Incontinence Procedures

  • Conservative
  • Sphincterplasty
  • Artificial Anal Sphincter
  • Neuromodulation Therapy (InterStim®)

For more information about our incontinence care program, call our health navigator: 470-325-6947.
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