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[CHEAP] Fortnite Account Shop

[CHEAP] Fortnite Account Shop
[Image: head.png]

Hello Forum Corner I'm Nino, and this is my Fortnite account selling service.


  • You understand all accounts are cracked.
  • Accounts are not guaranteed to be unverified or verified.
  • No refunds are given if the owner changes password or you can figure out what to do with it.
  • I will not help you secure an account, figure it out.
  • I don't do console requests, so if your wanting a fixed console sorry, but no, I haven't time for that.
  • These accounts can be sold on.
  • I only have what stock I have, rotation takes a while.
  • If you want a summary of your account please contact me, I can give all skin info etc.
  • Don't complain if your account does NOT work, I will ALWAYS replace it after checking.
  • Don't be an idiot and change password before email, your problem after that.


My stock is quite low at the moment.

Power Chord x4
Black Knight x5
Crackshot x3

You may request accounts if need be.

Black Knight - $2
Power Chord Account - $2.50
Crack Shot - $3

Payments through BTC only.


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